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Empowering occupational therapists to use their unique skills to transition their work online, make more impact with less hours, and gain the freedom and flexibility they deserve.

Far too many occupational therapists are burnt out for a variety of reasons: we've been overworked, underpaid, and devalued in this broken healthcare system. I know what it's like to be a burnt out OT, having to choose between my unrealistic, traditional work demands and my other life roles.

That's why I pivoted to the online world and never looked back since. 

For the past three years, I've been on a mission to create and serve the biggest army of occupational therapy entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.  Are you with me?


Inspiring OTs to Create More Impact with Less Hours

Hi, I'm Reina, an occupational therapy online business coach. I coach OTs in every stage of their career to gain the financial freedom and flexibility they deserve by helping them replace their traditional 9 to 5 job with online products. 

I've coached OTs on creating their own online summits, conferences, memberships, programs, and my all-time favorite product -- online courses. 

Our clients have created online courses for patients, caregivers, parents, and other professionals. They've opened up a world of possibilities for an infinite earning potential. I can teach you to start your own online business and do the same for yourself!

I preach what I do... I've generated over $500,000 in revenue in the past three years from online products alone, while raising a beautiful family and working less hours than I did as a traditional OT. 

The best part of my job though is helping OTs realize their unique and limitless potential in the online business world. I can't wait to embark on this journey with you!

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Taking OTs Online 

Join our group of over 6,000 occupational therapy professionals who are wanting to transition their work online in order to create more impact while working less hours in a traditional setting.


"Reina has been very receptive and open to any and all questions that I have had throughout this process. She has helped guide me through the process and helped me to niche down"

Sara Bravo

"I have known Dr. Olivera since the 2020 onset of the pandemic last Spring. She has brought so much value to OTs in their search for bringing our skills sets to the online world. I honestly did not know that what I found would be an opportunity to spend time with my growing family (my grandchildren) could be possible as an online entrepreneur! After the coaching call with Reina, I was able to put together the puzzle much better of where I feel I can serve my clients best and she helped me define these areas with much more clarity!"

Elsa Lopez

"After taking Reina’s program I learned how to connect with my ideal client by knowing what they were looking for, and I was validated in the knowledge I came into the program with, which was the key that unlocked most of my “stuck!” Reina shares tangible and specific strategies in organized modules. The short videos are the perfect size to learn & then immediately implement before moving onto the next step, which is a huge piece that many other coaching systems and courses are missing. I loved having access to Reina’s coaching along the way as well as to the community of other people going through the same program. I learned many valuable things from these individuals, which I feel is a huge bonus to the program. Reina’s program gave me the direction, clarity, and confidence I needed to just get the thing done! Now I am ready to launch my first course - this time with the confidence and clarity I didn’t have before!"

Krystle Lopez

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